Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Quilting Class

My quilting class starts Monday, and I went out to buy my materials today. I got a rotary cutter, a cutting mat, thread and fabric. I still have to buy some rulers and a few odds and ends. It was an expensive venture at Hobby Lobby.

The fabric I got is really cool. It is African safari theme fabric -- tiger spots, a matching golden brown plain color, and for the border, a safari scene with lots of animals. I'm really excited about it.

I got my sewing machine back from the shop yesterday, and I got a 1/4" foot and a walking foot for it. The man who owns the shop said to me, "Somebody is going to do some quilting." I said, "I am taking my first class on Monday." It was quite an investment for one quilting class, but there are more classes coming up, and I am going to keep going with it until I have it under my fingers.

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Anonymous said...

How'd your class go? Are you a convert now? Funny thing is I'm originally from Wisconsin and am a quilter too. Try traditional quilting some time. Although it's time intensive it has an authentic feel to the quality once the piece is done. I save it for those smaller gifts to give to someone special. Only afficionados, I once gave a hand-pieced, hand-stitched, major difficult design, in silk no less, wall hanging to my mother-in-law and it took her 2 years before she hung it up. She had no idea what I went through.