Thursday, September 16, 2004

Pokey's Blogs

My friend Pokey, from the Cross Stitch Forum, just started two blogs -- Pokey Points and What's A Havus? It seems that I have inspired her blogging and she has mentioned me several times in her Pokey Points blog, so I'm getting back at her here.

Pokey Points is a stitching and "whatever" blog. So far the whatever has been spiritual, political, computer-oriented and personal. Now, Pokey, that crack in the diatribe about how great Bush is...we all know who your friend who works on the Kerry campaign might be! And that thing about "borrowing" my HTML, I don't mind. You did give me proper attribution! LOL! But after all that hard work of trying to decipher the code in the template, we both managed to add our links to the sidebar, including reciprocal links to each other's blogs. We also managed to insert that Stitching Bloggers link. Boy was that a bear to figure out.

Pokey's second blog, What's a Havus?, is about Jimmy Buffett. She said something about needing a place to complain about not getting tickets.

The good thing about Pokey is that she stitches a lot, all the while answering tons of email and working a full time job. Pokey, thanks for all the great advice on the forum!

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Monsoon said...

Hey Candice,
Saw your post on the MS board in Yahoo, and noted that you seem to be in the same place as me trying to figure out this html stuff (I finally got the stiching bloggers link on my blog but can't figure out how to link other blogs) Just thought I'd say hi and that I read an enjoy your site.