Saturday, September 11, 2004

Progress on the Celtic Icon

I haven't made much progress on the Celtic Icon since my last post.

First off, I haven't stitched on it in a week. I've been busy with other things -- volunteering for the Democratic Party for example, and Camille starting back at school. I also started up the Mike Vickery Cross Stitch Group three days ago, and I've been more involved in that than anything. Playing around on the computer keeps me most from stitching. I love to spend time chatting with my friends. It's ironic though. I chat about stitching and it keeps me from stitching!

Second, for the last week I've been a bit irritated with the friend for whom I'm making the Icon, and thus less enthusiastic about stitching on it. I only have two weeks to finish it or it won't be framed in time for his birthday. I am so unenthusiastic I am thinking about kitting up my next project, Vickery's Halloween Scarecrow, and doing a rotation with the Icon. I really need to be stitching on something.

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