Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Henry meets Ace!

Henry and I went to the Winnegamie Dog Club yesterday to meet Ace. When we got there, Ace was in the parking lot with Louise, and Henry was in the car whining to get out. Louise and I took the dogs to the fenced-in area where the dogs could run (wow, is this great!) and I unleashed Henry. I totally expected Henry to run away immediately, but he was a really good dog. He sniffed around and took it slow. He barely interacted with the other dogs, but was very interested in the people and came over for scratches. In the meantime, Ace and another dog were chasing balls, and Henry hardly paid attention. Every once in a while he made a feeble attempt at chasing a ball, but Ace was so far ahead Henry really didn't bother.

Ace is a beautiful border collie. He is like a shiny black streak. He is so lovely. I hope he quickly becomes part of the family.

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