Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ace and Cross Stitch Border Collies

Since I am going to post pictures of border collie patterns, I thought I would start out with a picture of my Ace in a typical border collie pose. As you can see, he is shoving a toy at me hoping I will play with him. Yes, that is a rubber tire dog toy. I have other, less energetic pictures of Ace, but they all have those yellow camera flash eyes. I can't seem to catch him any way except head-on because he's always attentive and intense! But enough about Ace. Now for some border collie cross stitch.

The first border collie is from one of Pegasus Originals' dogs books. This one is from Dogs 9. I don't have a decent color shot from the cover, so I am posting part of the pattern. It's too small to use, so I'm not too worried about copyright infringement. Border Collie fanatics will want to buy the book anyway!

This border collie pattern is from Heritage Stitchcraft. Truth is, none of these border collies looks like Ace, because Ace has "ticking" -- speckles of black in his white fur. It reminds me of chocolate chip ice cream, with lots of chips. I do like this pattern, but it's a big project and a lot more work than I want to put into it right now.

While I'm talking about border collies, I might add that I've got Ace enrolled in two dog classes: agility and obedience. The only reason he needs obedience is because he needs to learn to heel. I'm really looking forward to the classes. One is going to be taught by my anthropologist friend, Carol, who has two border collies. Her boys, Cobb and Jeff, look a lot like Ace. Carol thinks they are related.

Here's one of my favorite border collie patterns, from Anchor. It's called "Not Far to Go." The border collie in this pattern really looks like a herding dog. I think James Herriot probably knew something about border collies -- he inspired this one. This pattern has "Scotland" written on it, and the floss numbers are Anchor and not DMC.

This last one, "Coming Out to Play," is my favorite. It features a pig and brings up reminiscences of "Babe" which of course starred some border collies. Apparently around the time "Babe" was released, border collie rescue got off the ground. People who didn't know what they were getting into would acquire a border collie. When it turned out to be an intense, demanding dog (in other words, a good herding dog) a lot of people would get rid of it. I got Ace from border collie rescue.

That's it for the cross stitch border collies in my collection. If you come across any others, please let me know!


Anonymous said...

Love the Border Collie...We have a beautiful Border Collie...His name is Boomer, and he is a sweet spirt. He is black and white. He looks very much like the James Harriot dog. In March we went to the animal shelter in OKC to look for a Rat Terrier that had been on their web site...the rat terrier had been adopted. I wanted to go home then. I did not want to got in where the dogs were kept. My youngest daughter Candice insisted that I go in...I did. I told myself not to look down into the cages. The cage at the front had a paper tag with the dog's name on it. I glanced at the tag. It was
folded over. From the part that was visible, I thougt the dog's name was Boone. I had once had the privedge of owning a wonerful named Boone...I have never known of another dog with that name. I had to look at this dog named Boone. I bent down and there was beautiful dog. I stooped down in front of the cage. The dog looked up with such soulful eyes. I put my hand against the wires of the cage. He placed the pad of his foot against the palm of my hand. That was the moment that changed our lives. He went home with us that day. Maggie, our golden retriever, welcomed him joyously. My husband fell in love with him immediately. It was maant to be...It was God's plan that he would come into our lives. By the way, the tag was bent....His name wasn't Boone...It was Boomer. A perfect name for the perfect dog who owes this new life to wonderful Beagle named Boone.

Anonymous said...

Hi Candice, Your stitching is beautiful. My sister has border collies, I would love to stitch the "Coming out to play" and Next to go" for her. Could you tell me where you got the patterns? Thanks so much.
A fellow stitcher,
Sandy Reed