Wednesday, July 27, 2005

BlogExplosion -- a way to increase traffic to my blogs?

I have been trying to increase traffic to my blogs.

I joined something called BlogExplosion which is a website where you earn points by viewing other people's blogs, and people in turn view your blogs.

I have used it for a few days, and have discovered that I keep seeing the same blogs over and over again. Makes me think the same people are seeing my blogs over and over again! And it doesn't appear that people who are looking at my blog spend any time there, beyond the required 30 seconds to get the points.

I actually look at the blogs I visit -- well, a lot of them. I've even found a few that I like, and have returned to them and even linked to them. I have gotten some links out of BlogExplosion too.

But is it worth the time it takes to increase traffic to my blogs? Some people say no. What do you think?


Pebbles said...

Hey...I had the same thought about blogexplosion too initially cos I kept seeing the same blog over and over again.I think you only get repetitive blogs intially cos now I rarely get the same blogs...

AngelSan said...

Last year, I decided to try Blog Explosion. I thought I might discover new stitchers blogs this way, while they discover my blog.

But I discovered there weren't that many stitchers blogs on there. Except for people who knows my blog and were already visiting it daily.

So I stopped using blog explosion, because I want to be read by people interested in stitching and what I have to say. Blog explosion only gives artificial increase of the counter. And it's a waste of time, time I would rather use to stitch or write on my blog !

Lei said...

We wouldn't have found each other if it weren't for BlogExplosion so I think it's worth the time. Their last e-mail said they've been tweaking the software so maybe that's why we've been seeing repeats so much. Also, I think they're supposed to show only those that have been updated recently. Anyway, I think it's worth it!