Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Magazines I Read

I get several magazines in the mail and buy some at Barnes & Noble. Here is a list of the magazines I read regularly:

Sky & Telescope
Scientific American
Fantasy & Science Fiction
UFO Magazine
Step By Step Beads
Cross Stitch Crazy
The CrossStitcher
Brain Boosters
Original Sudoku
Original Logic Puzzles

I don't get some of these every month, but a few of them (like BARk, the beading, and the sci fi magazines) I'm subscribed to. The science and astronomy magazines I pick up at the store, along with the British cross stitch magazines. I am subscribed to Brain Boosters, for example, but the rest of the puzzle magazines come from Barnes & Noble.

By the way, I often drop by Barnes & Noble after my therapy session in Olivette. It's on the way to Forest Park Parkway in Clayton just off the 170. I usually have raspberry cheesecake while I'm there and maybe get a puzzle magazine or a cross stitch magazine if there are any new British ones. Then I get back on the 170 and take Forest Park Parkway home.

Obviously I like magazines. They appeal to my various interests and I usually read them from cover to cover.

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