Monday, February 09, 2009

Cleaning ladies mess up my stitching stuff!

My cleaning ladies came and "cleaned up" my table with all my stitching stuff on it! Grrrrr! Well, I can't get by without cleaning ladies, so I guess I have to put up with this and reorganize it myself.

My cousin Carl keeps finding new information on our mutual grandfather, Edward (or Edison) Fylor Bradley. My father had told me his father had gotten the flu at basic training and never went overseas during WWI, but it turned out he did, and we have his military records. He also died pretty young of a massive heart attack. Carl is going to the funeral home tomorrow and getting a bunch of information, also on our great-grandfather Edward C. Bradley. Turns out that grandpa Edward had a paramour in Ohio. Don't know if that's why grandma went back to Rochester with the kids, but she also had a "roomer," which is a polite way to put it. His name was Jack Simpson. The woman in Ohio was Iona Henry. All the scandals!

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Jim Wallman said...

Hi, Candice...

A few years ago I had connected with you regarding the Bradley/Filor families. My great-great grandparents were Edward C. and Annie M. Bradley.

I was doing a search and found your blog. I'm wondering if you have found anything more over the years.I don't know if I ever emailed it to you but I have pictures of Annie M. Filor and her Daughter Grace.

If you can, could you please contact me at I would love to trade some more information with you.

I hope all is well. Look forward to hearing from you.

Jim Wallman