Sunday, February 08, 2009

Thank you, GBP

You ever talk to a friend who has the ability to make you relax and feel good? I talked to a friend like that last night. All my anxiety disappeared. I was no longer playing the videos of the past in my mind. I was totally in the present listening to him. We talked for three hours, and every minute of it was enjoyable. In addition, we speak the same language, we are both social scientists with an interest in biology. I was able to talk about neural networks and be understood. This morning I had to explain to a very good friend what a receptor was. Last night, there was none of that. It was so good.

This friend suggested I write. I have often talked about getting back into writing but I haven't done it. I plan to try something different this time -- science fiction. I told him I was doing a lot of science fiction reading. He said, "just do it, you don't need to read any more." So here I am, writing in my blog (which he says is really a diary) instead of writing.

But I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, GBP.

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