Saturday, February 07, 2009

European Cross-Stitch Companies

I received four patterns in the mail from Der Feine Faden.  Der Feine Faden means "the fine thread" which I think is a cool name. The patterns I received range from groups of flowers to mandalas to a Gustav Klimpt reproduction. All look fairly easy, but there are no sizes for fabric, or information on whether it is stitched over one thread or two. There is very little information in the packet in English, and what is there is pretty obvious (like, uses DMC thread). I love the designs, though, and can hardly wait to stitch them. I got them from European Cross Stitch.

Another European stitch company is Le Bonheur des Dames, which means, in French, "the happiness of women." It is also the title of a book by that name by Emil Zola. These are available from ABC Stitch Therapy. It is translated on the web as "The women's delight." I  received two patterns from them.  

The European cross stitch companies produce very fine designs, often very delicate, with ample size patterns that one could be almost blind to see them!

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