Friday, February 06, 2009

My Hobby Lobby Adventure

I was feeling really exhausted this morning, but after lunch I decided I wanted to stitch the Bobbie G "LOVE" design. This meant getting into the car and driving out to Kirkwood (about 10 miles in city traffic) to Hobby Lobby. I got the thread, then discovered a whole lot of ribbon yarn for $1.99 each. I thought, well, if I want to teach crochet at the children's hospital that I'm going to be volunteering at starting in March, I might as well get some yarn for them to make cell phone cases (I have used ribbon yarn for this myself and it's great). So I bought the stuff, and then I walked a few buildings over to get Yoggies (yogurt drops) for the rats at Petco, and I left my wallet there. I didn't discover it until I drove up in front of my building, alas, and this was after driving the 10 miles home from Hobby Lobby. I tried calling but there was no answer. So I got back into the car and made the 20 mile round trip again, and of course my wallet was there at Petco. What a hassle! But now I have the threads for the Bobbie G design and John's baby rat really appreciated the yogurt drops. BTW, John and Dan are coming tomorrow to get the rat, hurray!

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