Tuesday, August 30, 2005

More Border Collie Cross Stitch

My dogs are an important part of my life. They take me out of myself and force me to pay attention to and take care of another life. This is especially true of Ace. Tonight I took Ace to dog agility class. He does well, better than I do. It requires concentration on the dog and on my actions. We are working toward becoming a team, learning about each other and the equipment.

The cross stitch pattern here is called "Next to Go." Probably sheep dog trials. Border collies are called collies or sheep dogs overseas. I love this pattern.


Lei/cottontimer said...

They take me out of myself and force me to pay attention to and take care of another life.

I thought kids were supposed to do that? ;)

Candice said...

I have a harder time with kids. Small kids take TOO much of my energy. I start to feel free when they become teenagers, when they become less demanding. With small kids, I was always struggling to find space for myself.

Anonymous said...

Candice said. . .I think I misinterpreted the relationships. I thought we were closer than we were. I thought they enjoyed talking to me. I certainly enjoyed talking to them. But I seem to have been too intense. They felt that I was demanding more from them than they could give.

In my experience, it is not uncommon to be more intense in a relationship than the other person can handle. Sometimes, for example, a person with a bad mother tries to have general conversation while trying to turn the listener into a substitute mother. The listener, perhaps feeling all this is too much, withdraws.

However, it seems that some people withdraw more abruptly online, as though the internet somehow demands a lower level of civility.

People who are sometimes perceived as "needy" need to be careful not to overestimate a listener's friendship. People who are uncomfortable with "needy" people need to be careful not to drop them so hard that it hurts.

Patty said...

Hi Candice,

I belong to a Yahoo group for freebie patterns and there was a link in the latest post about a Yahoo group for stitchers to help stitchers who were affected bu the hurricanes.

We are attempting to coordinate those stitchers who have been affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita with those who are wanting to help fellow stitchers in need."

claudinoumamour said...

ton border collie est magnifique - ma maman est une fan de colley - elle en a 3 dans sa maison - desolée mon anglais est trop scolaire- claudine sud de la france