Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day & My New GPS

My kids gave me a GPS for Christmas, a Garmin.  I tried it out inside the building, but it doesn't work in there so I'll have to go out to the car with it.  It's pretty amazing.   If you select a few letters of a town, it fills in the rest for you.  I love it!

They all came over for Christmas Eve -- Camille, Mark, John and his partner Dan.  I made chicken soup with rice and t-bone steaks and mashed red potatoes.  I was going to make Viennese cookies but didn't have the time.  I'll probably make them today.  My house is still a mess with some of the dinner dishes still out and gift wrapping not completely picked up.  I have work to do before everyone comes over again today.  

Mark brought me a bouquet of white flowers and a bottle of wine.  I put the flowers in a red vase.  It's awfully nice to get flowers.  The wine was a Shiraz and it was very good.  

Mark, Camille and I watched It's a Wonderful Life before John and Dan got here from Wisconsin.  I recently bought a $29 DVD player and it works fine, and I got three Christmas movies to play on it.  Other than the Christmas movies I have Harvey and a Tai Chi DVD.  I need to get myself some more movies.  I was thinking City of Angels and Groundhog Day, two of my favorites.  I like movies that have some magic to them.  

Mark and his friend Sarah are moving into an apartment on the Upper East Side in a couple of weeks.  I bought Mark dishes and cuttlery for his new apartment and he loved them.  He said Sarah would also love them.  I also got him a framed poster of Van Gogh's painting of a cafe in Arles.  

John and Dan got a KitchenAid mixer.  John got this miniature video camera he'd asked for.  I forget what it is called.  It's smaller than an iPod.   

Camille got a stack of video games and guides, also clothes and books.  All the kids got books.  I gave Camille a photograph of Bob Dylan, and she'll hang that up in her bedroom at the other house.   Camille's birthday is the 27th and I have another large stash for her.  She really rakes it in around Christmas.  

So we had a good time.  And I got my GPS.

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