Monday, December 08, 2008

Michio Kaku and teleportation

I have discovered Michio Kaku, a Japanese-American physicist from New York.  Professor Kaku talks about such things as teleportation, parallel universes, and mind reading.  The only difference between Kaku's discussion of these things and mysticism or the paranormal is that his views are based upon physics.  For example, Kaku says we have already teleported small particles, and we will soon be teleporting to the space station and to the moon.  It will be centuries, he thinks, before we are able to teleport an entire human being (he uses Captain Kirk as an example).  We humans have just too many cells.  But he says Star Trek takes place in the 24th century, "so we have plenty of time."  He also thinks that if we were contacted by aliens, that it would be a matter of national security and the common folk should not know because it would be too disruptive.   He believes in SETI, that it should be expanded and supported, pointing out that lots of private funds matched by government funds are now pouring into SETI.  He says that our universe is like a membrane, a bubble, and that he thinks black holes have a white hole on the other side where energy and matter are spewed out into a parallel universe.  

I think Kaku is fascinating.  I want to get his latest book (Physics of the Impossible), but I am going to wait until I have an Audible credit to get it for free.

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