Monday, December 08, 2008

Sewing Dog Scarfs

I just got a sewing machine (paid $200 for it and the cabinet on craigslist) and the first thing I'm going to work on is a dog scarf.  My dog, Ace, has two scarfs.  One is your normal red bandana, and the other is tie-dyed.   I went to Jackman's and found some red Christmas fabric covered in little green bones (!) which I'm going to use for the scarf.  I am going to use the tie-dye scarf as a template because it is bigger, since the fabric I bought is thicker than the usual scarf fabric.  I am going to run a very narrow seam around the outside of the scarf to get rid of the selvages, and then I am going to tie it on Ace for the Christmas season!

My friend Carol (another anthropologist who has two border collies) was surprised Ace tolerated scarfs.  I love the look of dog scarfs.  They look great with his border-collie black and white fur.  I think he likes them.  He sits patiently while I tie them on.  He is such a good dog!

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