Monday, December 01, 2008

I haven't been around for a while...

...but I'm going to start posting about crafts again.  There are still quite a few people visiting this website despite the fact that I haven't been posting.  I think it's very worthwhile to continue this blog.

I am currently getting ready for my cleaning crew to come.  My friend John Andrisan calls it "pre-cleaning."  I don't know anyone who doesn't pre-clean before their ladies come.  

I bought a sewing machine.  I went on craigslist and advertised that I was looking for one, preferably one with a cabinet.  For $200 I got the sewing machine (a Kenmore) complete with a cool real-wood cabinet that looks like a piece of furniture.

What am I going to sew?  Well, I got a wool sweater at Salvation Army and shrunk it down.  I am then going to make a stuffed animal (well, they say "plush").  I am using a book called Plushorama for the design.  (It's available on   I like the kitty-cat made out of felted wool with felt features.  I am even going to make use of the area with two stripes on the sweater, putting the stripes down across the lower body of the cat.  It is so cute!  The subtitle of the books says something about "immature adults"!  These stuffed animals are really crazy, and some of them are purposefully ugly or scary!  It's such a cool book, and I really like the idea of shrinking/felting the sweater for the fabric.

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