Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Selling the Furniture in Appleton, WI

I am currently in Appleton to sell the furniture in my storage unit.  It is snowing.  There is snow all over my car and on the ground.  I don't have a scraper for my car (I intended to get one but coulen't find one before leaving Saint Louis).  I am wondering if the sale is going to happen anyway.  I am wondering if the agent is going to cancel.  I am wondering if the buyers are going to come out despite the snow.  I really need this to happen.  The money I will get will go mostly to my boys.  I need $2000 after the agent's commission, some to help with John's MacBook and some for Mark to help him move to a new apartment in NY.   I am hoping for a little beyond that to make getting through the month a bit easier.

I paid off all my bills except and a credit card with a big debt on it.  The credit card is going down, and I can pay off Amazon as it comes due.  Everything else is paid off.  I sure hope we can get this done in the snow.

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